NaNA 2019
2019 International Conference on Networking and Network Applications

October 10 - 13, 2019, Daegu City, Korea

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Track 1: Wireless Networks

* 5G and Beyond
* Wireless ad hoc, mesh and delay tolerant networks
* Cognitive wireless Networks
* Wireless sensor networks
* Mobile internet and mobile social Network
* Wireless vehicle Networks
* Emerging wireless/mobile applications
* Security & Privacy in wireless networks
* Physical layer and cross-layer security methods
* Signal processing for wireless communications

Track 2: Wired Networks and Data Center (DC) Networks

* Novel architectures and technologies for wired networks
* Wired network survivability
* Wired network control and management
* Advances in routers and switches
* Security & Privacy in wired networks
* Convergence of wired and wireless networks
* DC network architecture & protocols
* DC Storage architecture

Track 3: Network Management, Monitoring and Automation

* Network Management and Visualization
* Network Monitoring and Industrial Tools and Technologies
* Next Generation Network Administration and Industrial challenges
* Disaster Readiness and Management
* Network Automation

Track 4: Network Applications

* Architecture and systems design for Internet of Things (IoTs)
* IoT applications and services.
* End to End / Machine to Machine (M2M) protocols
* Crowd-sourcing and opportunistic IoT
* Innovative algorithms and data analysis techniques for IoTs
* Fundamentals of cloud computing
* Cloud architectures & cloud storage technologies
* Cloud energy efficiency
* Mobile & social cloud
* Big Data theory, applications and challenges
* Big Data placement, scheduling, and optimization
* Big Data design, models and algorithms
* Big Data protection and integrity
* Deployments, test-beds and field trials

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